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Bashams Big Game is home to Paxin (403 4/8 @4) as well as many other quality breeder bucks.  The company also sells semen straws and deals in fawns and bred does as well.  With its broad range of offerings, Basham Big Game is a full-range whitetail deer breeding operation.

Paxin, the Whitetail buck pictured below is a son of the famous GB PA Geronimo, and Paxin's mother is Annie, who is also the mother of Maxin. 

This year Paxin was bred to Maxbo, Flip, 3 Sargeant, Maximus CR, 2 Maximus DT, Flees' Reggie, RDM 44 Magnum, Rocket, 2 Hydroax, Redoy Jordan, Wild Rivers Moose, Avalanche, Walks Magnum, GB Pegasus, 2 Dream Catcher, Maxneiss, 2 Dallas, Rage, Northern Pride, Gliding Eagle, Soaring Eagle, Maxin, Rolex, Flees Pretty Boy, and Huey does.


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Big Game, Sheep, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer

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